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As a church we have been very blessed to have a lot of people who are talented in the area of singing.  Take the time to listen to some of these people.  All of these individuals have given a portion of their time to sing special music in our morning worship service.  We pray that you will be blessed when you listen to some of these songs. 

New songs have been added.


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06/30/2016 Derik C- Because He lives

Derik_Chandler-_Because_He_lives.wma Download Derik_Chandler-_Because_He_lives.wma
07/31/2016 Carol- It is Finished

Carol-_It_is_finished.wma Download Carol-_It_is_finished.wma
01/10/2017 Sasha- Piano solo

Sasha_Lacey-_Piano.wma Download Sasha_Lacey-_Piano.wma
01/10/2017 Bobby- Alive in me

Bobby-_Alive_in_Me.wma Download Bobby-_Alive_in_Me.wma
01/10/2017 Brian- I'll meet You in the morning

Brian-_I_ll_meet_you_in_the_morning.wma Download Brian-_I_ll_meet_you_in_the_morning.wma
01/29/2017 Alice- Lion and the Lamb

Alice-_Lion_and_Lamb.wma Download Alice-_Lion_and_Lamb.wma

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