Below you will find the eight most recent sermons from Pastor Dunn's messages from our Sunday Morning Service. If you are interested in obtaining a copy of a sermon or a past sermon, please contact the church. 


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04/22/2018Pastor Robert Dunn A Prayer that seems impossible
Sunday Morning Message Ephesians
a_prayer_that_seems_impossible.wma Download a_prayer_that_seems_impossible.wma
05/06/2018Pastor Robert Dunn Attitudes that are essential to keep the peace
Sunday Morning Message Ephesians
Download attitudes_that_are_essential_to_keep_peace.mp3
04/15/2018Pastor Robert Dunn Being a faithful servant
Sunday Morning Message Ephesians
Download Being_a_faithful_servant.wav
02/25/2018Pastor Robert Dunn Christ is the head of the Church
Sunday Morning Message Ephesians
Christ_is_the_head_of_the_church.wma Download Christ_is_the_head_of_the_church.wma
07/08/2018Paul Kauffman Contrast between law and grace
Sunday Morning Message
Download contrast_between_law_and_grace.mp3
02/18/2018Pastor Robert Dunn Prayer of enlightenment
Sunday Morning Message Ephesians
Prayer_of_enlightenment.wma Download Prayer_of_enlightenment.wma

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