The following is a list of ministries that Grace Community Church offers.  Some of the events meet on a weekly basis while other meet only once a month.  Please contact the church for further information.

Sunday School - A time for people of any age to deepen their faith in Christ.  Sunday School starts at 9:30 AM on Sunday morning.  Sunday school is provided for all ages. Bobby Houston is teaching a topical series called "The Little Sins".

Sunday Morning Sermon - currently Pastor Dunn has started a series called, "From Eternity to Eternity-God's plan for the Ages." Is there purpose in world history? Does everything repeat itself? Learn from this definitive study of the Bible as it explores God's plan for the ages.

Sunday Evening Sermon -Pastor Dunn is currently preaching on the Restoration of Israel. This is a study of the return of the exiled people of Israel to their homeland. We will be looking at the Old Testament books of Ezra, Haggai, Esther, Nehemiah and Malachi.

Youth Group - A time for the youth (7th - 12th grade) to meet on a weekly basis to grow in their relationship with Christ.  The youth group meets each Thursday night at the church at 7 PM.  The youth group has monthly social events to encourage fun and fellowship.

Truth in Training (TnT) - A time for children(1st - 6th grade) to meet on a weekly basis to grow in their relationship with Christ.  We meet on Thursday evening at 7 pm.

Golden Years Fellowship - A time for individuals over the age of 50 to come and socialize in Christ together.  This group meets on a monthly basis.  At each event, a theme is given, a meal is offered, and a short devotional is presented by one of the elders. 

Ladies Bible Study - On the second Tuesday of each month the ladies of the church gather at the church for a fun time of fellowship, prayer, and a Bible study brought to the ladies by the pastor's wife. We will be studying from a book by Pat Warren, titled Weighed by the World. There are a variety of social events to encourage fellowship from social outings to Road Trips.

Saturday Morning Bible Study - An Adult Bible study taught by the Pastor.  This is a time for spiritual growth and to learn what God has to say in His word. The group meets every Saturday morning at 9 AM.  Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Starting September 2017 we will be studying the book called, "Trusting the Bible." This Bible Study is dedicated to helping us understand how the Bible came to be. We will learn about doctrines like inspiration, revelation and illumination. We will learn how to understand and trust what is offered to us in God's Holy Word.