Announcements and Prayer Requests


1.Please invite family and friends to go to the church website and listen to the audio services.

2. Pastor Bob has started a phone ministry where he is contacting those who attend our church each week to talk with you, pray with you and gather prayer requests. Prayer requests can also be emailed to

3. The installation of air conditioning of the sanctuary has been completed.

4. During this time because we are not physically meeting  please continue to give. You can mail a check to the church at Grace Community Church, 53 Hurley Road, Parkesburg, PA 19365. Please remember that we still have utility bills to pay and missionaries to support,

Prayer Requests

1. Remember our nations and our government leaders for wisdom and guidance.

2. Pray for the the containment and eradication of the coronavirus. Pray for the recovery of those who have been infected with it. Please remember Tammy's sister,  Sheri, who is having symptoms and waiting for her test results. Please also remember Cory, Joe's brother in law, who is positive and experiencing symptoms.

3. Pastor Paul A., Pastor's friend is suffering from coronavirus; pray for his lungs to stay healthy and for his wife Leslie to not get the virus.

4. Debby's daughter is in the later stages of pregnancy andexperiencing some issues. Please pray for her and the baby that the baby will be born full term and healthy

5 . Kimber (Sue's neice) for success of cancer treatment and relief from side effects.

6. Joe's family is struggling with health issues. Please pray for his brother Jacob and his cousin Stephanie and father Randy-high blood pressure

7. Please pray for all our missionaries and their ministries. Please remember Tim Hawes, our missionary to PPNG for protection from the coronavirus.

8. Praise- Shaun did get his exemption to go to work. 

9. Please pray for Lisa; she is having serious issues with her knee and difficulty walking.

10. Brian L-needs gall bladder surgery but is on hold because of coronavirus. Please pray for his health while he waits for surgery.

11. April (Noah's friend) very serious cancer or autoimmune diseases

12. Dawn S's grandparents- very serious health issues-anxiety with coronavirus.